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Welcome to Munich. The original Munich Travel Guide which began in 1996 when I realised that there was very little information available on the Internet, which was becoming more widely used to search for information. As an Englishman living in Munich, there was much to see and do. Kodak kindly presented me with a DC120 digital camera free of charge, so that images could be made available on the Travel Guide web pages.

Over the years a number of important changes have been made to ensure it was compatible with the changing standards. This site now shows well on iPhones, iPad, most Smartphones, and Tablets. If you have any problems, please send an email.

At this time I was working for an American broadcaster in Munich, and had the chance to explore the new public Internet. I created the site using a Internet magazine and Microsoft Notepad. One of the pages I created was about my desire to seek new employment, and the information was seen by a senior manager at British Telecom, based in Munich. I did get the initial job and had a number of different projects over the following years. As I am really old, it was a pleasant surprise. Hope you enjoy the new version of my Guide.

Original Munich Travel Guide

A number of pages from the old version are no longer available, you may have been redirected this page. Please explore, and if you think the site would benefit from extra information, or you would like your web information adding to Original Munich Travel Guide, please use the contact form provided.

In October 2012, and 2016, I decided to completely update the website to reflect the many changes that had taken place over the years. Unfortunately I now live outside of Munich, so there is less personal information added.

There is so much to see and do in Munich, at anytime of the year. Shopping is great, with fine restaurants and an extensive public transport system. Thanks for your visit, hope you enjoy my collection of Munich information. This Munich Travel Guide will continue to grow as additional resources are located and added. I welcome your suggestions for inclusion in this travel guide.