Munich City Guide

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Whenever you hear the city name of Munich being uttered we bet your first thoughts would be business and beer. We cannot blame you because Munich’s beer alone is certainly worthy of that trip.

But this great place also many things more under its sleeve. A palace that seemed to come to life right from the pages of a fairytale book, a wonderful air of Oktoberfest all year round, the best schweinsbraten in the world, and a breath-taking view of a market scene below the Peterskirche tower; all these things are just a few reasons why you should come to Munich and experience all the wonders that this fantastic city has to offer.


Munich City Skyline


Voted once as the world’s most liveable city, Munich offers so many things to any weary traveller who longs to see the best of the best in Germany.  Awaken the historian in you as you walk along the streets of Munich that bore witness to a lot of key events that shaped not just Germany but the world. Feed your burning hunger for world-class cuisine and quench that inner thirst with great beer as well as other drinks.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll in one of the world’s safest places as you take the time to admire the lakes, the fantastic architecture, the amazing decorations, and appreciate the rich diverse people that you can see as you walk down Munich’s streets. If simpler pleasures are what you are after then you can catch up on your tan as you sunbathe on the banks of the Isar river. When the afternoon comes, enjoy the shade of the tall trees at Munich Viktualienmarkt.

And at night, you may attend the theatre or concerts that dot this beautiful city. If your mood calls for just chilling, then you can hang out in the smart bars around Gärtnerplatz. The choices are simply endless. Munich is a city that can truly capture whatever is your fancy and make you crave for more. Work-life balance can truly be seen, felt, and experienced in this fantastic city of Bavaria. Don’t forget to eat some weisswurst sausages while you are here.

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