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Welcome to Munich. a German high-tech city, which produces hosts industry greats as Siemens, BMW, as well as MAN. Not only does Munich have many leading companies, it has a world of art and culture to discover when you head for this destination. There is something for everyone, especially if you are a beer drinker, where the world famous Oktoberfest beer festival is ready for you to experience.

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Munich International Airport

When you land at the local Munich International Airport you’ll be amazed at all there is to see and do in it. Don’t spend long in the airport though, you’ll want to get out and about as soon as possible.

There is much to see and do in Munich and you’ll want to start right away. From fantastic scenery to great place of interest you’re going to see why so many people love to visit Munich for vacation.

Munich City

Finding a place to stay in Munich should be easy enough. There are low, middle and high-priced Hotels to choose from. Depending on your budget you will find one in our hotel section that will suit your needs. Always check for great package deals. You may be able to purchase your plane ticket, hotel room and rental in one sum. This can lead to great savings so be sure to take advantage any great offers.

When you’re in Munich be sure to visit the museums and theatres. There are plenty for you to choose from. History lovers will enjoy The Münchner Stadtmuseum (Municipal Museum) and The Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (Bavarian National Museum). The Bavarian State Opera performs at The Altes Residenztheater (Cuvilliés Theater) for more cultural excitement.

Munich Frauenkirche

If you are looking for a good hotel you can book Munich Hotels here. There is a wide selection of hotels to choose from.
There are many restaurants and cafes to please your palette. Be sure you try as many as you can because the food is wonderful. The nightlife in Munich is extensive.There are many attractions and clubs to choose from so your nights will be filled with fun.
Munich Attractions & Sightseeing

Like to party? Munich Germany delivers some of the liveliest nightlife selections, including an array of talented examples of a growing artistic arena. There are plenty of things to choose to explore when you want to encounter Munich after the sun sets. You can spend a night filled with entertaining theatre, opera, dance, as well as popular music events. If you are looking to dance the night away, check out the discos about the city, but keep in mind that they fill up quickly.

Munich all year round.

This grand destination is a year-round city, providing you with an array of attractions to explore and admire. You could spend the day browsing beautiful works of art at the Bavarian National Museum or visiting the Beer Factory. Like the theatre? Visit the Deutsches Theatre, where you can enjoy a night filled with Broadway.

As a Tourist in Munich, you should definitely respect this city when you are its guest. This is a highly conservative city, which boasts some of Europe’s toughest drug laws, as well as strict traffic regulations. For example, jaywalking is frowned upon.

When planning a Vacation to Munich, you should be aware that the most crowded time of the year to visit is during the last two weeks of September. This is when the Oktoberfest celebration can be observed. Keep in mind that the hotels triple and quadruple their prices. Some people have even booked their reservations a year ahead of time. Try touring the city during the summer season, which is shorter and a bit cool. The weather and atmosphere is a joy to absorb.

Planning your trip to Munich is half the fun. Use our Guide to find suggestions in all different parts of your trip. Happy planning and have a fantastic time. More information here.

Munich Oktoberfest

If you did not visit the Munich Oktoberfest recently due to Corvid, you might be interested in the Oktoberfest history article.

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