Munich Advertising

Munich Advertising



Munich advertising can be very cost effective, and will be accepted on this Munich City Guide on a first come, first served basis. As one of the very first Munich websites, started in 1996, much has changed in the city, and how the Internet is now being used by businesses. The Munich City Guide has now been completely re-designed and many new features have been add, and more are still to be added. If you would like to make suggestions, recommendations, please send details using the contact form.

This Munich City Guide is one of my hobbies. The Munich advertising plan, is not to cover the site in a wide range of useless marketing and advertising images. Some advertising will be accepted, page by page, from Airlines, Hotels, events, exhibitions, travel related companies and there are opportunities to sponsored pages.



Munich City Guide and Munich Travel Guide

Depends on what you searched for. Subject pages can be sponsored or have limited advertising, individual pages can contain advertising.  Any link shown in the menu with a * is an external website, and is not part of this program.

Exchange Links and Banners.

Munich exchange links and banners is very cost effective and cheap method to promote your company. It works like this. You put a link Munich City Guide on your site that is already indexed by Google or Bing and I put a similar link on the appropriate page in the City Guide. Cost: Free You may ask why, because quality link building is good for both sites. The same is for a small banner advert, one your site, and one on the Munich City guide. Cost: to be agreed. More information.

Sponsored Pages

A sponsored page is where the advertising company supplies the copy and images and I create the page and all the infrastructure. This has many benefits for the visitor as more information is available, and for the advertiser, more coverage.

  • Well written copy about Munich will be indexed regularly on this website
  • Images are important, but must be Munich related
  • The webpage can contain adverting links to the parent website, which will boost Page Ranking.
  • Sponsored pages are time limited by agreement.

Munich Subject Pages

These are pages which are index from the “Munich Information” index, and have their own specific menu bar. They could be considered as the second level after the main page and attract a wider range of visitors. The current information pages are available for Munich Advertising.

  • City Information
  • Tours & Transport
  • Clubs & Associations
  • General Information
  • Munich Attractions
  • Webcams
  • Language Schools
  • Museums & Culture
  • Munich Sport
  • Apartments & Relocation
  • Beer & Oktoberfest
  • Munich Hotels & Accommodation

Munich Articles

An article about Munich, produced by yourself can be included in this guide subject to certain conditions. Some times it is free, like the Student Report, normally there is a fee, request details, this helps promote your organisation in a highly cost effective manner.

Other areas maybe added to meet the requirements of visitors to this site. Every care will be taken to ensure only Munich related information is available. Munich Advertising can pay dividends, request additional information.