Munich City Guide Owner

I think it is important that any visitor to a website should be able to view information about the site owner and any information which might be useful. I am the Munich City Guide owner.

The guide started in 1996 after I read about the Internet and realised the possibilities to create a website about the city of Munich where I lived. As an Englishman living in Munich, everything was new and exciting, and I was fortunate to work for an organisation that was using the Internet so I could learn hands on. The following year I got a job at British Telecom because a senior manager had seen the site, and felt there was a role for me, within the company. I excelled at my employment, creating wealth for British Telecom worth a few hundred million pounds.

Long before the Internet I was heavily involved with international sales for a small company I started in the UK, manufacturing and providing customer services. The company exported 85% to countries like Russia, China, the US and most of Europe. The collapse of the former Soviet Union meant the end, as the Bank was very unsupportive. (What’s new?). Now I do my own thing as I am retired. I am pleased to confirm the Munich City Guide website is now 20 years old.

Supporting small companies with a website

I enjoy helping small companies with an existing website prosper. Over a life time there has been many up’s and down’s and an interest learning curve. I now use this knowledge to help others. There are two sites which might be of interest, a site specialising in conducting a Mystery Shopper visit and a general site for website owners which explains what is possible and what is not, and provides many examples you are free to use, if you do not want my support. Other interesting sites are the Northampton Business Directory, and Worldclips.

Remember, this is my hobby, so no big bills or hidden costs to worry you. Check me out, you may just have found a hidden gem.