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Munich Airport live flight information

It does not make sense to duplicate existing information, I guess this would be call plagiarism. If you are like me, on a sunny day you notice the aircraft flying overhead, and wonder. Where has it come from, where is it going, what type of plane is it, etc etc. There is a Blog that has all this information for just about anywhere on earth, including Munich Airport live flight information. You can load the link and then select the part of the the world you are interest in. Naturally Munich is very interesting, so I would recommend this as a starting point. See flying as you have never seen it before.

Use the + and – signs at the top left hand to view the map at the level of detail you would like. Flying aircraft are normally shown as a yellow symbol. With the mouse you can click on a plane and see the type, the high it is flying at, the speed and much more. Zoom down to the airport level and click on the airport symbol and there is flight arrival and departure times.

Apps available

There are Apps available for most Smartphones and tablets. See the Munich Airport link above for more details.