Munich Steckerlfisch

The Munich Steckerlfisch comes from the Bavarian dialect word Steckerl meaning a little stick. Fish from the local lakes and rivers was used early on but as transport improved, herring and mackerel became more popular. Today most firms offer just the mackerel. You may see the Munich word for fish, written as fisch. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Steckerlfisch

The stick is inserted lengthways up the fish, so that it can be angled over a charcoal fire. This technique allows the fat to run down the stick and not onto the fire. Grilled Munich Steckerlfisch

This is a very popular meal at the Munich Oktoberfest and many beer gardens offer grilled fish during the summer season. You can eat this type of grilled fish all year round, at many Bavaria festivals.

See how your Steckerlfisch will be cooked at the Munich Oktoberfest 2012.

The word “Steckerlfisch” can be traced back to 1902, from the firm “Fischer Vroni”. A Munich family business.