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The Munich Viktualienmarkt Showing part of the Munich Oktoberfest BMW in Munich Weihnachtsmarkt in Englischer Garten Olympic Stadium Munich Frauenkirche

Welcome to the original Munich City Guide which started in 1996 when I realised there was very little information available on the Internet, which was becoming more widely used to search for information. As an Englishman living in Munich, there was much to see and do. Kodak kindly presented me with a DC120 digital camera free of charge, so that images could be made available on the Munich City Guide web pages. This site shows well on iPhones, iPad, most Smartphones, and Tablets. If you have any problems, please send an email. Over the years a number of important changes have been made to ensure it is compatible with the changing standards.

Inside the Munich City Guide

Inside the Guide you will find information on weisswurst sausages, Bavarian holiday dates, Oktoberfest details, what’s on at the English cinema, Steckerlfisch, art and museums, history of some major Munich breweries, a student report of life at university, the transport system and how to purchase tickets, an interactive map of Munich I created, with photographs. Munich Airport and flight details, hotels and hostels, tourist information, the Rathaus on Marienplatz, bus trips, cycle and walking tours, webcams, language schools, restaurants, clubs and associations, apartments and relocation details, Munich Zoo, Munich City Guides, travel Guides, and much much more. Additional information is being added as time permits. The Munich Blog has a few updates made from time to time. Best place to start is here. All the menus are available.

Visiting the Munich Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfest is well know as the biggest beer festival in the world, whilst this is a highlight in September, there is much more to the city. This introduction page is mainly text to ensure reasonable loading times, a lot more information to suit every taste is list in the menus. If you are planning to visit Munich at any time, make sure you have your hotel booked, it can be hard to find anything at short notice without paying a high price.

Visiting Munich for a sports event?

The city is a popular destination for football fans with FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 well known clubs. Both use the Alliance Arena. The stadium is known as one of the finest football stadiums in the world. The other popular sports venue is the Olympic Park, home to the 1972 Munich Olympic Tower with a great sports arena.
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Many thanks for visiting the Munich Guide

There is much to see and do in Munich, at anytime of the year. Shopping is great, with fine restaurants and an extensive public transport system. Thanks for your visit, hope you enjoy my collection of Munich information. There is a limit to the personal information that can be added, so if you need a published Munich Travel Guide, there is a selection in the top menu bar “Travel Guides”. This updated version of a personal Munich City Guide will continue to have additions made on a regular basis. You may contribute ideas and links for this Munich travel guide, please use the form.