Visiting Munich for the 2016 Oktoberfest?

2016 Oktoberfest

This year the 2016 Oktoberfest festival starts on September 17th at 12:00am until October 3rd and started in 1810 for the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig.

If you are planning on visiting the Munich 2016 Oktoberfest, pleased be aware that there will be extra strong security on all visitors. This could include banning all rucksacks and bag searches and spot checks on personal identity. In today’s world of people wishing to do harm to others for a range of reasons, this is understandable. For more information, see the Oktoberfest Insider website.

What to expect is sometimes based on what you know and have knowledge of. The Oktoberfest is the biggest peoples festival in the world serving a lot of beer. Many cities around the world have created their own Oktoberfest, but there is nothing like the original.

2016 Oktoberfest LogoEach year Munich holds a competition to select the design for the Oktoberfest. This year it was won by Linda Sophie Schultheis & Susanna Schneide.

Bierkrugs, t-shirts and many other articles are using the logo to identified this years “Wiesn”. It is now 50 years since the idea for a logo or icon first started.




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