O’zapzt is!

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O’zapzt is!

The 2014 Munich Oktoberfest opened at 12.00am with the first barrel of beer tapped by the Munich Bürgermeister. O’zapzt is! means is tapped. This is the 181st Munich Oktoberfest and is expected to attract 6.5 million visitors over the next 2 weeks.

The Bürgermeister took 4 tries to settle the tap in the barrel.

Enclosed are some pictures from the first few minutes.

Munich Oktoberfest Bbeer
Tapping the first barrel at the Munich Oktoberfest
Munich Oktoberfest Beer Krug
The first Maß beer is ready



















A busy week-end and profitable

The first week-end was cool and rainy, but still the visitors came. 1 million visitors between them drank 1 million litres of beer over the week-end, and at about €10 or $13 a Maß, that’s serious money

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