Munich City Transport

Munich City Transport covers the greater Munich area. See the MVG map for the U-bahn and S-bahn for more details. You can be fined €60 ($90 approx.) if you do not have a valid stamped ticket.

Munich Buses

Munich Transport city bus

Buses cover most of Munich and each has a ticket canceller. Running every 10-20 minutes throughout the day and evening. Tickets can be purchased from blue automatic vending machines, or at the Hauptbahnhof.


Munich Trains

Munich Transport trainsThe train system has two distinct lines. The S-Bahn, connects the surrounding towns and villages to Munich. See U-Bahn for more details, which connects the inner city to the outskirts of Munich. You can see a Munich MVV Map for the U-Bahn and S-Bahn in the menu bar.

Munich Trams

Munich Transport tramsThe tram system links the main areas of Munich together and has a canceller and automatic ticket machine on-board. You can also hire Munich trams for group tours.

A ticket cancelled for 1 journey lets you use any of the public transport system. See the tickets link in the menu for more
detailed use and typical pricing.

A Munich bike serviceA very popular way to see the city is by bike. These can be hired individually at the main Munich railway station near platforms 30-36,or you can take advantage of the services of “Rent a bike from Mike” link opposite.

Munich Transport Images

The Munich Straßenbahn

Number 16 Munich Sraßenbahn at the Hauptbahnhof






Typical Munich City bus.

Typical Munich bus