Munich Transport Tickets

The city of Munich is divided up into zones. Munich transport tickets purchased and stamped, can be used on U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses and the Straßenbahnen (trams). The ticket enables the visitor to travel in one direction only, you cannot back track. Do not forget to stamp or cancel your ticket at the  machine on all stations, buses and trams. A fine of €60 ($100 approx.) is made if you do not have a ticket. Visitors to Munich will have to pay, what ever the reason. Please note, prices do change.

The following are the normal tickets for visitors to Munich, but weekly, monthly or yearly tickets can be purchased.

Blue Ticket

The multi journey ticket offers good value at approx. €12. The inner zone requires 2 sections to be cancelled for each person, for each journey. Travelling out of town requires more sections to be cancelled. See the tariff on most stations or ask at the information centre. Children use a red ticket which is cheaper. Many areas outside of Munich can be reached by the S-bahn.

   Old style family ticketOld style Partner ticket
 A 24 hour ticket that goes from midnight to midnight. 2 adults and 2 children can travel over the inner network for about 9 ticket, or over all the network for around 12. Do not forget to cancel at the  machines.

Old Munich transport single journey ticketSingle journey ticket

 A ticket is available for a single journey, depending on the number of zones. There are many other types of Munich transport tickets available. Ask for details at the MVG under Marienplatz in the station near to Ludwig Beck.



Bayern Ticket

Bayern Ticket

One extra ticket that offers excellent value for money is the ticket from Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) at the main Munich railway station, the Hauptbahnhof. This allows people to travel anywhere in Bavaria after 09.00 Monday to Friday until 03.00 the next day. At the week-ends any train is allowed as long as it is not an ICE (Inter-City). Can also be used on the S-Bahn, U-bahn, buses and trams. The tickets cost  €25 for the first person, then €4 for each travelling companion. After purchase you must print your name in the area shown in grey. The ticket is already date stamped at the point of issue. You can buy tickets for future dates by selecting the date at time of purchase.

Munich Ticket Machines

This ticket machine is at most U-bahn and S-bahn stations.

 Munich transport ticket machine

Ticket cancelling machine

Cancel your tickets here. If not, you can face an on the spot fine of €60