Munich Tours and Transport

Transport Network

The Munich visitor has many choices to make when visiting the city. The cheapest is to walk, but this limits the possibilities. It depends on the amount of time you have a available. Only a few hours, means using the excellent taxi service, or you can rent a bike at the main railway station if you know your way around. The public transport system is possibly the best total integrated system in the world. See the menu bar for some ideas for getting your way around the city. Using any of the Munich Tours can be a great way to see the city. The Munich sightseeing buses start from outside the main railway station.

Munich Tours

Like most progressive cities, there is a wide range of tours to suit everybody, from cycling tours (not in the winter), walking tours, city sightseeing tours, and the specific tours to major points of interest. If you find other tours to recommend, please send details, it all helps to make this a better all inclusive website about the city. Sightseeing in Munich can be fun, especially during the summer.


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