Munich Oktoberfest Motifs

Munich Oktoberfest Motifs or Symbols

Every year a new symbol is selected from a competition to represent the Munich Oktoberfest, There has been many designs over the years, Enclosed is a selection from 1980 to this years 2013 motif. Click on the logo below and then you can scroll through 30 years of the Munich motifs. These Motifs can be found on Tee shirts, Bier Krugs and many other souvenirs, and a wide variety of merchandise.

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Click on the image to see last 34 years of the Munich Oktoberfest Motifs.
—- The 2013 winner was Akim Sämmer, U5 Akademie, München. Could you design a Motif?

A Motif is also a Brand image

Instantly recognisable, the Munich Oktoberfest Motif is as much about Munich as it is about the festival.