The Munich Transport System

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High quality map of the Munich Transport system

The Munich transport system is extensive, and this map provides a general idea of the how the Munich Transport network is set out. This only covers the U-Bahn and S-Bahn network, there are other maps for the trams, and bus network. The map is divided in zones, and you can travel in one direct, ie point to point, using a standard ticket which covers that zone. This can be quite expensive if more than one person is making the journey.

Daily or Family Tickets

Recommended that a group ticket is purchased for more than one person, see Munich Transport and Transport Tickets in the menu bar for more information.

Munich Map with visitor points of interest

To plan your excursions around Munich I have created an interactive map showing the main points of interest, with images. If you have information or ideas that would make this a better Munich City Guide, I would welcome your suggestions. Acknowledgements will be made for all inclusions in this guide. The Guide is always under review and after this major update made in January 2016 there is much more that can be added. In 1996 when I started the site, I had to create all the information myself as there was very little available.