Interactive Munich Map

Hope you like the Munich map I created to show the major sights you should see on your Munich visit. There are many things to see and do in Munich, it is all about how much time you have and your budget. The idea for the map was to quickly show what you should try to visit when in the city. Everybody has different ideas of what they would like to see and do, these are just my suggestions.


I am very sorry the map does not show properly. Google has decided to change all of its code and to start charging for use. I am not prepared to spend time and money to get it to show correctly, just so that Google can make money from me.

I am happy to add additional facilities, please use the form and supply details.

This can be used down to street level by double clicking on the map. Use the Munich Map controls in the top right hand corner, to see a satellite view or bottom left to expand the view to see, Germany, Europe and the world. If you have Munich information I should add to this map, please use the contact form in the menu bar. The basic map technology is provided by Google Maps.

Munich Visitors

Use the MUnich Map to find your way aroundThere is much to see and do in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. This site, which started in 1996, still has information from those early days, and new information is being added when time permits. The main points listed in the Munich Map are:  Frauenkirche, Marienplatz, Hirschgarten, The Oktoberfest grounds, Deutsches Museum, Olympic Tower, Viktualien Markt, Englischer Garten, Alte Pinakothek, Nymphenburger Schloss. The BWM Motor Museum is open most days and well worth a visit.