Munich Language Schools

The city is well known for the number of first class Munich language schools. Students from all over the world come to study in Munich for many different subjects and reasons. This page is only concerned with language schools. In the menu bar are a number of schools which you might find helpful. I have no personal experience of any. Please feel free to make recommendations based on your own personal experience.

For Business, Necessity or Pleasure

There are many reasons to learn a language, many people study for business reasons, but time is always a problem. Some of these companies and organisations offer evening classes, which can be helpful if you have a full time job. I used the Munich Volksschule in Schwanthalerstraße to get started. You can now use Skype to learn Deutsch.

Prices can vary widely. Always check beforehand what type of course you are joining. I joined one course which had 14 different languages present, the teacher had to use a lot of English, which did not help me. I found that as I had started late in life it was really hard, then you have to consider the local dialects, Oberbayerisch, or Niederbayerisch, it can get complicated. A teacher that use High German is the best, as this is understood everywhere.

English Deutsch Bayrisch
How do you do? Wie geht es Dir? Wia gets da?
Hello Guten Tag Grüss Gott
Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen Pfiad di
Do you understand? Verstehst Du mich? Host mi?
1 litre of beer 1 Liter Bier A Maß
I love you Ich liebe Dich I mog di
Enjoy your meal Guten Appetit An guadn
Mixed cheese spread Angemachter Käse Obatzda