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Update 2016

New Style & New Layout

2016. Finally there has been enough time to update the original Munich City Guide. This is the 6th and possibly the last major update since 1996, the guide is now 20 years old, one of the oldest websites still operating. The original design was made with Microsoft Notepad using a magazine article to copy and past code, now it is a lot easier.

Wordpress 4.4.1 2016This Guide uses WordPress with a modified Theme from a market leader in Professional Themes What makes any selection of a Theme important, is the support provided.



Unfortunately I no longer live in Munich to provide more personal information and images on a regular basis. Living in the Bavarian Forest one and half hours from Munich makes it much harder. The Guide is a mixture of personal pages and selected links to other suitable companies. This is always under review and new additions are planned monthly.

I have also decided to accept more advertising as this is more acceptable nowadays, but apart from the Google ads, the other advertisement are selected to suit the guide. If you are interested in advertising, please see the advertising guide (opens in a new window) for more information.

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