Munich Attractions

There are many Munich attractions suitable for all types of visitor, short and long term. This page welcomes contributions from attractions that would like to be mentioned here. Maybe you like dancing, or enjoy being with people of a similar age and culture. There is much to do in the City, it’s just about finding how to make contact.

There is a modern English language cinema, which has all the latest films on a schedule, or maybe you love animals and would like to see the excellent Munich Zoo. Museums are also a favourite with many visitors, and there is a good section in the main menu. A visit to the circus could be fun. Circus Krone is well known, but still do not have an English language website, so there are details from another company in the menu.

During the summer, what better way to spend some free time than in a Munich Biergarten, sitting under the chestnut trees, with family and friends, drinking a Maß bier.

Tell me what you would like to see added, and I will make every effort to include the details on this page.