Marketing Websites

There can be many reasons and benefits for marketing websites. A financial adviser, or a security expert would be normal, but a web consultant? There are many aspects that any company using the Internet for taking orders, providing customer support, marketing, needs to consider. A business web consultant should have a wide range of business skills, including traditional marketing, sales experience, web design, Internet marketing, and most important, have to time and resources to support your requirements. You can always see the types of resources you need to exploit at the business networking page.

Professional Website Services

Most websites would benefit from an independent website audit or review. Times change, people change, technology and the market change. Small business owners and company management can benefit from a low cost fixed price professional web audit, which also includes recommendations and has a money back guarantee.

Every company needs to market products and services if they are to remain successful, Affiliate Market is suitable for most companies and can be highly cost effective and offer a great ROI. See the Affiliate Marketing section.

Local Business Banking

Business ideas and hobbies can be a major source of information. But the information needs to be created, not always easy when you are managing a business as the owner, partner or member of staff. I feel strongly about the mess the banks have created, and left to be sorted out by others. My bank idea is not new, but has been updated to reflect new possibilities and the urgency to provide funds and credit to small business. Local Business Banks could be the answer to a number of financing problems in the UK and in America.

Munich City Guide

This website which is the original Munich City Guide which started in 1996 shortly after the Internet became available to ordinary people. First created with a basic text editor, and now with to today’s sophisticated software and solutions like WordPress, which this update Munich Guide is based on. Maybe you are looking for hotels, or the Munich Oktoberfest, or Munich museums, or need to relocate to Munich. You could find the information you are looking for here.


Drachselsried is a small village situated in the Nature Park of the Bavarian Forest. Less than one and half hours from Munich Airport and has much to offer if you are considering relocating or looking for a place with seasons, and extensive summer and winter skiing facilities. Living and housing costs are much lower than in Munich or south of Munich. Everything is available, Super Market, petrol station, a Doctor, Dentist, Chemist, Bakery, Butcher Hotel, school and not forgetting the two excellent breweries.

Experience Network

The older population of almost every country is growing. Once out of the employment market it can be hard to sell or use skills which could be of use to existing businesses. The Experience Network is an idea to help people sell themselves and for recruiters find skill people for short duration’s. Still under development.


Ideas and Solutions Blog

A resources was need to allow the posting of a wide range of interesting news, ideas and solutions, that might be of interest to small business owners and Webmasters.

Our Climate needs help

I have created a number of Blogs which cover the climate change which is already happening. The Hurricane Sandy is all part of the more severe weather patterns to expected, unless we take dramatic steps to reduce carbon emissions. Climate Comments is a basic Blog that expresses certain climate change views.

IP Cameras and Webcam installations

Installation of home and business security cameras using IP cameras is a local services in the Northamptonshire area of the UK. Already purchase a camera and cannot get it working? then iWatcher is for you. We provide an installation service.


Of particular interest to British citizens is the result of the referendum in June 2016. This will affect everybody and the prognoses is not good for standards of living, health services, and many other aspects of a modern country. The result has been hijacked by extreme elements. Euroclips is a website that aims to list the decisions made by companies as a result of Brexit, with the loss of jobs, companies moving into Europe and investment reduced.