Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Welcome to the Munich City Guide

We are the original Munich City Guide and would like to wish all visitors a very Happy New Year. This is the time that we think about 2015 and what is the future is going to be in 2016. Many things will happen we are not prepared for. But we can prepare ourselves better if we have information to help make life threatening decisions.

Hewlett Packard and others are sponsoring a website that has some very interesting free films, from Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford etc. Take 2 minutes out of your busy time schedule at look at the following video, a decision you will be pleased you made.

Now if that made you think, take the next step and pass it on, via Facebook, Twitter or any social media. If enough people do that, then HP will make a special payment to the creating organisation, Conservation International. If you are more of an activist, trying sending it to your elected representative. Every representative all over the world should view and take note. This is Mother Nature talking to you.

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