Munich food and restaurants

This is a new section which highlights the different types of food available in Munich, and a selection of recommended Munich restaurants.

Munich Restaurants

There are thousands of restaurants in Munich, and every body has their favourites. I have listed some restaurants and sites on TripAdvisor to allow you to make a choice from a wide selection.

Munich Fastfood

leberkassemmel bread roll

A favourite of the M√ľnchner on-the-go is the Leberk√§ssemmel, nothing to do with liver. Can be eaten hot or cold and is made from veal, and is processed and then cooked



A Munich Breze

Another is the simple Breze, similar to the American Pretzel, but larger and softer. You can purchase in a variety of styles, the most common is plain and a buttered version.



Munich Bratwurst, sausage in a bread roll

If you are really hungry the the well known Munich Bratwurst is for you. Eat this, and it will keep you going until the evening.



Munich restaurants serving the Munich Weisswurst

The world famous Munich Weisswurst is a special sausage, normally only found in Bavaria. Eaten with a sweet mustard, a breze and a and Weissbier. Read the history of the Weisswurst on this site.



Always wise to check the restaurant takes credit cards, many still do not. Cash or a German bank card are the best.

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