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Welcome to the menu of the Munich City Guide

Munich Information on this site is divided into sections as shown on the menu on the right. Each section then divides down into the individual pages. You can view all pages in a single section from the menu. This site has a mixture of information I created and pages provided by other websites. Please note, all links with a * open in a new window so you do not leave the City Guide until you are ready.

Munich Hotels

Munich Information to get you started

  • Police Tel: 110
  • Fire & Emergency doctor Tel:112
  • Munich Ambulance Tel: 19222
  • Apotheke (Chemist, Pharmacy) pronounced AP-PO-TE-KE
  • German voltage is 220v 50Hz

On January 1st 2009, Germany introduced a country wide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. There are special smoking bars.

Munich Information

This website is private and is my hobby. If you are looking hotels in Munich, Flights to Munich, Hostels in Munich, or perhaps Munich Apartments, this site could be useful to you. If you are looking for the Munich beer festival, called the Oktoberfest, the link is in the menu bar. The aim is to provide Munich Tourist information.

  • Shopping hours are normally 09.00 – 20.00 except on Saturday when most close at 18.00. Shops are shut on Sundays.
  • Supermarket in the Hauptbahnhof is open until 21.00pm. There are a number of fast food outlets available.
  • Credit cards are taken in many shops and restaurants, but are still not used everywhere. Check before making that purchase.
  • Oktoberfest starts at 12.00am on September 22nd & goes until 7th October 2012. Don’t be late. It can be very hard to get in the beer tents after 19.00. Everything depends on the weather.
  • Tourist office open 7 days a week at the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof)
  • Munich public holidays for the year 2012. See link opposite. *
  • If you plan to visit Munich, please check all information with your travel company.
All Munich information is provided here in good faith. No responsibility for errors or admissions accepted.

Wednesday 11/25 20%
Areas of fog early, then cloudy. Low -2C.
Tomorrow 11/26 20%
Cloudy skies. High 2C. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 km/h.
Mostly Cloudy
Friday 11/27 10%
Mostly Cloudy
Areas of patchy fog early. Mostly cloudy skies. High 1C. Winds light and variable.
Saturday 11/28 80%
Snow showers in the morning will give way to a mixture of rain and snow in the afternoon. High 4C. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 km/h. Chance of precip 80%.
Chance of Rain
Sunday 11/29 60%
Chance of Rain
Overcast with rain showers at times. High near 5C. Winds WSW at 25 to 40 km/h. Chance of rain 60%.
Partly Cloudy
Monday 11/30 20%
Partly Cloudy
Cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High 8C. Winds WSW at 15 to 30 km/h.