Munich’s 850th Birthday party






Munich’s 850th Birthday 

The origin of the City of Munich goes back to the 8th century.

Munich’s 850th Birthday, officially on June 14th 2005.

Munich was a small monastic settlement known as “bei den Munichen” (by the monks). The actual founder of Munich was “Duke Henry the Lion”. He destroyed a toll bridge over the Isar river near Freising, that used to carry the salt trade and built another one in “Munichen”. This redirected the wagons over his bridge, were he collected the toll. Today that is called a competitive advantage.

The Bishop of Freising complained and Emperor Frederick Barberosse called a Reich-Council meeting in Augsburg on June 14th 1155 and confirmed the Dukes action. This became the official birthday ( Geburtstag ) for the City of Munich. Each year Munich celebrates this anniversary with a two day festival.

For the Munich’s 850th Birthday celebrations, the big news in 2005 was the closing and dismantling of all the market stalls due to a hurricane warning. Normally the stalls are open until 22.00pm but at 19.00pm the police told all stallholders to pack up and go home. The storm did come, but no damage was reported. By Sunday morning everything was re-assembled and the celebrations resumed.

The main area for the celebrations was in Marienplatz, Weinstrasse, and the Odeonsplazt, with craft stalls, music, and plenty of beer and food available. The motto for the birthday was “Building bridges” which connects the founding of the city with today’s lively, and tradition-oriented culture.

The Munich flag is black & yellow and should not be confused with the better known white & blue chequer flag of Bavaria. Both flags are flown on many official buildings. —— Many entertainers used the stage outside the Rathaus throughout the festival, from pop groups, singers and dancers. This was the focal point of the festival, and packed with visitors.
  A jazz band strikes up a number of popular tunes in front of the Feldherrnhalle The Munich Rathaus (town hall) on Marienplatz. The festival goes from here until Odeonsplatz.  
  Odeonsplatz with the Feldherrnhalle in the background. Food and drink are available for the thirsty and hungry visitors. The beer was good. Enthusiasts dressed in traditional costume of Bavarian soldiers  
  A typical stall showing handmade crafts. More than 100 stalls where in Theatiner Straße and Residenzstraße. Munich costumes from long ago. In today’s heat, must have been very uncomfortable  
  A view from the Munich Feldherrnhalle looking towards Leopoldstrasse. Many of Munich’s craftsmen displayed their skills. Maybe this makes you feel a little hungry, A super Bratwurst with Munich mustard.  
  Theatiner Straße looking towards Winestraße and Marienhof Figures on stilts parade around the
festival, bringing, excitement wherever they went.
  A Horse draw carriage makes its leisurely way around the festival streets. Every one of these stalls was taken down Saturday evening and re-assemble in time for Sundays opening, due to the hurricane warning.  
  The sun shining on the Alte Rathaus in Marienplatz, which is now a Toy museum.

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