2014 Munich City Guide

There is always the need to make changes and improvements to any website. The basic structure of the 2014 Munich City Guide is still the same, once you have entered the site through any number of links. It is not easy as a non web designer to show information in a new way that helps visitors quickly locate what is required. The original Munich City Guide or as it is sometimes called in the press the Munich Travel Guide will continue to bring ideas and information to anybody planning a trip to Munich or living in Munich.

Munich businesses are invited to join

Invitations are made to businesses in Munich that would like to place advertisements on selected pages within this travel guide. Strict advertising guidelines ensure this site continues to provide a free Guide to Munich, but does not spoil the viewers pleasure.

The 2014 Munich City Guide welcomes quality links from other Munich websites. We only accept English language web pages for inclusion in this Guide. Some are consider free as a useful resource for for visitors, others are considered direct advertising and will pay a fee.

A quick link to the main menu for the Guide, and we have a new logo.

2014 Munich Travel Guide