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How many people visit the Oktoberfest annually?

The common question is how many people visit the Oktoberfest annually? This is different from year to year because of dates. An example is last year which had an extra day due to a public holiday on the Monday.

This years official figure was 6.4 million visitors and they drank 6.9 million litres of beer. There is more information on the Munich Oktoberfest in the menu bar.

The well known Maß Krug usually made of glass holds a litre if filled correctly. All breweries print their company brand image on the glass, and because of this, many attempts are made to steal a Krug souvenir. This year about 110 thousand disappeared, a lot less than other years. Anybody seen carrying a Krug is stopped by the police and ask to produce a receipt. Not certain what happens after that, maybe a fine?

Many visitors are not used to the extra strong Munich beer, and with all the wonderful atmosphere at the Oktoberfest many people drink too much, this year, nearly 8,500 were helped by the Bavarian Red Cross.

With Journalists from all over the world, nearly 3,300 visited, there was plenty of information distributed around to local TV channels, newspapers and radio.